Plumbing Supplies


Where do we get our plumbing supplies? Lots of people ask us this question and we are glad to answer. We also would like for this article to be a great resource for other plumbers who are needing help in this area. We have lots of recommendations for you with regards to where you can find your plumbing supplies. Typically, for something quick we recommend Home Depot and Lowes. This is usually when you find yourself in a situation where you are at a project. You have not had time to refill your truck. It is for those moments where it is easy to just run to these stores.

What about getting supplies in bulk? We have found that the most costly solution for plumbers is to purchase their supplies online. It is on these online stores that you can find all of the things you need as well as be able to find cost effective ways to save money for you while making the same money from your clients. Below are some of our favorite places to shop online:

Plumbing supply– This is a great place to start for your purchases. They have a tremendous amount of resources for the local plumber. From garbage disposals, bathtub drain parts, and faucet repairs. They focus on kitchen, bathroom, toilets, as well as repair parts. They have fast shipping and they are easy to check out.

Our experience with plumbing supply has been great. We have ordered from them on lots of occasions. Even when we have had trouble with an order, we were able to contact them. They were quick to help us with our problems and they even sent us some parts that we needed. It was a great experience.

Plumbers Stock– Plumbers Stock is another great website. We have found that they have more of a professional feel to their website. They offer some top of the line products that are helpful. They sell some of the top of the line products from companies like Sprinkler Design, Biumeon, Rigid and Neorest. They tend to offer special deals on some of their monthly specials.

Our experience with them has been really positive as well. We have found that they are great with shipping. They also have a great customer service. We have been able to call and to ask to return damaged products. They were completely okay with it. They paid for our shipping as well as provided us with some quality supplies.

We have opened up this question to our reader? Where do you get most of your supplies? We have gotten lots of different responses from mom and pop stores to Lowes to some of these online stores. One of our plumbers from Winston Salem Plumbing, said that they love to shop at one of the online stores we had not notice. They have recommended the supply house. If you have some other ideas of where to shop for somethings online or in your area, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us with this information.


Local Services

Anglia Displays Plumbing focus on providing strong customer service as well as helpful plumbing services that will most benefit our clients. We focus on providing the top of the line products as well as recommendations for the best technology for upcoming plumbing products. We were some of the first to begin to encourage our clients towards tankless water heaters. Our clients have loved our ingenuity and creativity.

Here are some of services:

Leaky Faucets

Frozen Pipes

Garbage Disposal Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Septic System Repair

Sewage System Repair

and much much more.

We have been servicing our clients for many years. Because of our experience, we have begun to expand throughout the South. Recently, we have opened up a new plumbing company in South Carolina. Our recent company, Greenville Plumbing, has taken our knowledge and skill to explode the plumbing industry in their area. They have focused hard on customer service. They have been voted one of the best up and coming companies in Greenville. We would highly recommend contacting them if you live in and around the area.

Anglia Displays Plumbing

Anglia Plumbing has been around for 20 years serving the local residents. Throughout these years, we have grown in our experience and expertise with all things plumbing. We have also grown in our customer service approach with regards to how we treat our customers. Our customer service has become the cornerstone of our business. We have found that our customers are extremely satisfied not only with our services but our prices as well. You can check out our YouTube channel here.